Uncommitted Crime

It was she who wept under the dark blue sky. Surrounded by a mist of illusions, she wandered looking for a silver lining in a world without clouds. Threatened by the silence around her, she swayed towards the quiet inviting lake of answers. Numb with her naked soul, she wandered in a meadow of reality in search of hope. Smearing her tired body with milk and honey she pretended to clean her tortured womanhood. She soaked her fragile fingers in clean drops of tears to soothe her chipped nails. She wiped her lustrous lips with flashes of pain on her torn flesh drenched with smell of blood. She craved to listen for an answer from an unknown God to guide her home from the weakening nightmare.

She waited, waited and waited…..

The wind blew near her ears and whispered a familiar voice. She could hear her subconscious scream again and again the words she yearned to listen. It said,

“It was never a day of pain and never a phase of terror. It was a man no more than dirt on a desert with a heart declared dead. It was never about your beautiful thoughts that gave peace to others. It was never your mistake or your fate. It was a bad yesterday when you never had woken up.”

She rose to be determined and strong minded with her trembling inner voice of courage. She bribed her soul of happiness and love with a spirit and innocence of a child. She slapped her past, grasped her life and consoled her mind to never let go of the world she had. She opened her arms and let the wind tickle her neck allowing a breeze of acceptance. She let her feet move to lead her to the beautiful world.  And once again she let her day travel to the melting rays of the sun.

 But then,

 She watched him walk towards her with eyes filled with guilt and shame. She remembered the pain and the smell of sweat which had once paralyzed her breadth. She felt helpless yet stood determined to forgive the man who had buried her life. She opened her heavy eyelid to let go the man’s sin. Then, she saw other people who came with him to make him strong while he wept for his crime. She let him hold her hand to cry for a moment and waited for his words to flow. She thought he really had fallen so deep that his heart exploded to explain his pain. She looked into his eyes to see the pain gush but the smile on his lips left her eyes still. She wondered what was wrong with tears rolling down her cheeks with her fear running towards her. She could see people surround her weak shattered soul with eyes of pity and regret who mumbled only one thing – ” We Forgive you girl!!! “

They proudly claimed to forgive her for the uncommitted crime with the monster standing next to her with a secret smile and a poisonous heart.