The beige sandals

It was Wednesday night and the usual weekday serial was helping me relate my emotions to the beautiful heroine. This was a feel-good routine which I always followed. And unfortunately the tamasha came to an end when another beautiful model showed up in the TV screen and bragged about her flat tummy as a result of drinking some exotic drink. I was least bothered at that moment to listen to another sweet attempt of blunder, because that reminded me of several failures, I had ended up after trying to accomplish that mission. But there was something else that really grabbed my attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off the beige sandal that the model was wearing. It was spectacular. For the first time, I felt like jumping into the TV show and interrogating her, to extract the exact place from where she had bought it. I looked at it with my eyes wide open like a child; ready to hold it and caress the beauty she possessed. I was jealous and frustrated. But as the advertisement ended, so did my enthusiasm.

4 days later, the day arrived for which I had been waiting since a year. My Birthday. Well! I will have to clarify the long waiting scene because; many would wonder why I had been waiting for it since a year. Well! You can hardly find a day when you are treated like a princess, with every demand of yours fulfilled without a single restriction. Birthday is one such annual celebration. It feels good to be treated like a PM once in a year. And the wait usually starts from the night of the previous Birthday. Well… As a Princess (Hello… I am referring to myself), I felt well on Sunday morning and was expecting loads of gifts and chocolates at my service. My love promised me to treat me the exact way I wanted and accompanied me to the mall, where I could point my finger at any direction and make a wish. After strolling for an hour in the mall, my eyes fell on something that made my adrenal reach the brain in 2 seconds. There was a gush of familiar emotion which made my stomach churn. A beige sandal, similar to the 1 the model was wearing, was just 1 feet away from me. I looked around in a state of desperation and grabbed it… This is it!!! That’s all I want for my Birthday. My Bday gift… was right in front of me. But then, the happiness ended in a second when my attention went swaying towards the Price. OMG! 2000 Rupees?  A sandal so expensive! I looked at Pradyukth who was irritated as hell after the boring 1 hour window shopping. But he seemed pretty much cool with my choice of the sandal. All he wanted was to buy something that would blow my mind and make me happy. I loved it and was happy to have finally got myself a very nice gift. I went back home with a glowing halo around my head.

The next morning was fresh and exciting. After getting ready to office, I opened the bag and took my beige sandal out of the cardboard shoebox. It felt so good to touch it. Nice smooth velvety feel. Wow! It felt awesome. I wore it and proudly modelled in front of the mirror convincing myself that no other person could carry this as elegantly as I could. After many rounds of walking and inspection from all angles, I finally left to office with the beauty covering my feet. Every now-and-then I used to stop by and see if I had not dirtied it. I was conscious the entire day and could not take my eyes off the ground. By around 6:30 PM, I got all my things stuffed in the bag and got up to leave. As soon as I neared my bike, I felt like something was wrong. Some bad vibe came from nowhere and I became alert. Unfortunately, the bad luck was from none other than Mother Nature. It started pouring all of a sudden and I was totally confused standing near my bike with no shelter around. I ran back into the Office ensuring that my sandal would not get drenched. Technically speaking, I was acting weird because there hadn’t been a day where I had cursed the rain. I looked at my sandal and noticed a few drops of water on the surface which was getting absorbed into the velvety surface. I could feel a sharp pain in my Chest which kept increasing as the rain poured heavily. I wasn’t bothered how I would get back home. Nor was I concerned about the possibilities of reaching home late, skidding over some slippery road or any other disastrous scenario. The only thing eating my head was – protecting my expensive beige sandal from the fury of nature. I waited n prayed for more than an hour for the rain to stop. Unfortunately, my prayers dint work. Finally, I decided to go. But with one small change in the routine. :) I packed my sandal in a plastic cover and stuffed it in my bag. Wore my raincoat, tip-toped towards my vehicle bare foot and started my bike. I could feel the drops of water snuggle between my toes.


I made a rough calculation as to how many signals would come by and how many times I would have to keep my feet on the street while getting back home.  There were roughly around 3 signals and I desperately prayed God to ensure I reach home without having to step on any dirty puddle. I got a few weird looks of other people on the road who noticed my well maintained vehicle, dress and raincoat only with mismatching bare feet.  A few even smiled at me seeing my avatar. It dint matter to me because I felt satisfied that I was saving my expensive sandal from the nature’s fury. I rode carefully ensuring I wouldn’t have to stop anywhere due to heavy traffic. And guess what!!! Luck was by my side this time.  I was so lucky that I could clear all the signals without having to keep my feet on the wet street. Finally I reached home. I was about to open the front gate that I lost my balance and ended up keeping my feet on a puddle of muddy water. Yakkkkkk!!!! It was disgusting. Not only were my feet dirty, I felt betrayed by God for giving up on me at the last minute. I parked my 2 wheeler, and walked towards the stairs leaving a trail of muddy footprints. When I reached the 1st floor, Owner uncle was sitting on the balcony. He saw my feet and looked at me. But before he could ask anything, he saw me holding a clean beige sandal in my hand. He literally sneered, mocking at my intelligence and went inside his house without saying anything. I felt insulted. I cursed and murmured initially. But then, when I saw the clean sandal in my hand, instead of feeling good, I froze for a second. I stood there for a while like a fool unable to bear the sarcasm with muddy feet and a beautiful beige sandal in my hand.