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 If going to space, saving the world from unimaginable dark forces and solving complicated mathematical theories excite you, then Interstellar is the right movie for you.

Unfortunately, the dark forces are not aliens but the raging consequences of the dying mother earth. The story describes how Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and a few others travel through space in search of another galaxy which can sustain the human race. It was slightly difficult to understand the logic behind most of the scenes since it expected the audience to be an expert in relativity theory, 5 dimension spaces, the black hole notion and the theories of graviton. Though it took time for an amateur like me to digest a few ideas, it was exciting to watch the movie with so many things happening for nearly 3 hours. The direction of the movie was excellent, making us think on many routes at the same time, yet not giving the pressure of missing the details.

The child artist Mackenzie Foy playing the role of Matthew’s daughter impressed the audience with her acting skills and mature approach towards the given role. A surprise entry of Matt Damon in the second half of the movie shifted the story to an exciting and unpredictable course. Along with a talented cast, the story of the movie has also been beautifully scripted making it a complete entertainer. As mentioned before, except for the high-fi physics concept that kept popping here and there, the movie has been beautifully explained making the audience leave the theater with a new concept stuffed in mind. The movie will change our perception on the entity “Time” and make us think on travelling to space, spending an hour in a different galaxy and slow down your age on earth. Wow! That means, you will end up being younger than your daughter when you return from a space expedition after 120 years… :)  Now that’s something everyone would want to experience. So, go online, book your tickets right away and experience an interesting movie today and tell your friends about your plans of going to another galaxy