10 tricky New Year Resolutions that always remain on Paper - priyapm

1) Clean your cupboard…

(Remember! You did that last year? )

clean cupboard gif

 2) Meet up with your old friends


Meet up with old friends

3) Quit smoking …

(Naah! Just joking… Maybe next year)

smoking kills

4) Religiously follow a healthy Diet

(Note: Make sure not to burp out day after tomorrow’s 3 slices of Pizza, a cheese burger, chocolate pastry, etc)

follow a healthy Diet


5) Deactivate your FB account for a month

(You see, It’s hard to explain why I was a jerk at the office party yesterday)

surprised on deactivating facebook


6) Forgive your enemies

(Nothing annoys them more :P)



7) Get organized

Well! I am already

(mom: Jithuuuuu, Gaadi ki insurance paper gaadi mei rakh diya kya?

Me: Oops!)



8) Have a proper sleep schedule

(duly noted- from tomorrow coz…

Rinky: OMG OMG… Did Gautam and Diandra break up? Have to watch Big Boss repeat telecast at 12:00 tonight)

sleep schedule


9) Stop drinking …

(I agree… but dear health goddess, Beer is cheaper than water)

drinking beer


10) Spend less money…

(Boss! Paisa ho toh spend karungi na)

i am broke