Have you ever heard of this word?


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When I did for the first time, I had a completely different theory on what it meant. I assumed & lectured to my friends that it must be an international organization which investigated on criminals who killed without motive. But when I understood the meaning, I was embarrassed that my creative judging capability turned into such an utter flop. But before turning to the meaning, have you heard of Sky Blue, Midnight blue, Prussian blue, Navy blue, Dark blue… Well!!! I am pretty sure you have heard of many such shades of blue. But, what has IKB to do with Blue? Hmmm…. Now that’s where the humiliation of not guessing right came from. IKB is nothing but a shade of blue called International Klein Blue. 


photo credit : atelierlouisarmand .wordpress.com

 And this was invented by Yves Klein, a French artist who was more a showman & a creator.

Klein introduced IKB to the world in the year 1960. He is recognized for his radical gestures meant to astonish people. For example, can you believe that owing to his obsession with monochromatic creations, he released around 1,001 helium-filled blue balloons to celebrate his solo exhibition? Isn’t that something cool? Another astounding scenario was when he attracted around 2,500 people the following year for his exhibition “the Void” at nothing more than an empty gallery. Now how many of us can do that? But many art lovers considered him to be a charlatan especially when he directed 3 naked models to imprint their body on canvas by covering themselves in sticky blue paint.

photo credit : minniemuse .com

photo credit : minniemuse .com

His obsession with the color blue ultimately made him experiment and invent IKB. Eventually he took a patent to the IKB recipe. Out of all colors he used, this Ultra marine blue became the most remembered. And now after many years, out of the blue, this man’s creation helped me love the color blue when I was actually feeling blue. :)