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 Guys!!! I am sure you have heard a lot about Scuba Diving from friends who have already experienced it. And it isn’t hard to believe that it is

a breathtaking and fascinating adventure. It is accurately a method to dive underwater with a self contained breathing apparatus and explore a whole new mysterious water world. And I personally feel one must add Scuba diving onto their  bucket list without a second thought. But first, can anyone guess  what the word SCUBA stand for? It’s an abbreviation for,

S – Self

C – Contained

U – Underwater

B – Breathing

A – Apparatus

I am certain only 5% of you guys knew that. Well!!! No problem if you dint know that.. Here are a few more interesting diving facts you might love to know:

1) Leonardo da Vinci designed a blueprint of a diving equipment 300 years back:

Hard to believe that right! But records show that years ago, he had a similar equipment plan for divers. But officially, Jacques Cousteau, a French seaman invented the 1st scuba called as aqualung.

2) Experience Nitrogen narcosis after 100 feet:  

Did you know that once you dive below 100 ft of sea water, you will tend to feel DRUNK ;o. This is because of gaseous Nitrogen which impairs your ability to make decisions and weakens your motor function. And guess what!!! This is reduced by a TRIMIX which is a combination of Oxygen + Nitrogen + Helium which helps in giving you a perfect memory of Skydiving along with an unambiguous brain;)

3) Heart rate reduces to 25% in cold water:

I was surprised to know about the “Diving Reflex” concept. It says that you can survive longer in cold water without oxygen than on main land. Yes!  This is true for all mammals which optimizes its respiration to survive underwater for a longer time period. Isn’t that cool…!!!

4) Impossible to relate sound:

You must be aware of the fact that sound travels more rapidly underwater than in air. Still, while diving, You will be totally lost if you try linking the direction of sound deep down the sea because your outer ear nullifies hearing ability.

5) Max Diving limit – 130 meter:

If you want to try this exciting exploration, You MUST know that 130 feet is the maximum limit for recreational scuba diving. But technically, experienced divers can go much deeper. The Guinness Book of Records deepest diver goes to Nuno Gomes, who successfully attempted a 318-meter dive.


photo credits: Pixabay (user:JimmyDominico )

Well!!! What are you still waiting for! Add Scuba Diving onto your bucket list today and start planning for this magnificent experience. I am sure you wouldn’t want to regret later for not trying this ;). Go for it..