“KAKA “ Now that’s a word from the Norse mythology from which the word cake originated.


Photo credit: Pixabay (user:SplitShire )

Though the word sounds funny, never can a person imagine the mouth-watering taste coupled

with a piece of it. Molten Chocolate cake, Butter cake, cup cake, Rum cake,… I can go on and on and on. Well!!! There are also a few surprisingly different forms of cake which you might not have heard of. For instance, The Depression Cake, The Devil’s food cake, The frog Cake, The Fat Rascal, etc. In-spite of these scary names, the word cake has always given a sugary touch in many occasions.

Now, If you are amongst those who always relish by eating alone, how would it be to bake one for yourself?  Let me warn you, It’s not child’s play. If you really think you could be able to do justice to the lip-smacking memories associated to the word cake, GO FOR IT… Bake it…

And, the trash can is always there for you if things don’t turn up the way you want it to :)