Oh Yes !!! I know that is exactly what 90% people crave for, in their life time.


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Did you know that being healthy is directly related to your

mood? Well!!! A brisk workout at the gym for 30 minutes can act as an emotional booster. And According to a survey conducted by The Lancet, Volume 378, Issue 9798, you would be surprised to know that 15 minutes of exercise in a day can help you fit into the 4%  lower mortality Risk criteria. Common, 15 minutes!!! Any1 can spare that from their busy schedule.

Now, let me tell you an easy method to find out if you are having an ideal body. J Take a measuring Tape. Yes Yes Yes.. I said the measuring tape. Measure your height. and then go check your weight. And check out the following link if you have an ideal weight based on THIS CHART.



Photo credit : Pixabay

Well Achieving an ideal weight can be added to your list which will in turn motivate you to follow a more healthy life pattern in-addition to making your neighbour jealous. ;)